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Distral Logistics Services (Tank Park – Warehousing – Trucking)


Tank Park:
Possibility to provide upon demand, storage services for:
– marine oil
– vegetable oilsPicture8
– fats
Steel tanks, approved for storage of above products, and in accordance to E.U. and Greek legislation, and fully complying to applicable environmental regulations.
– Storage capacity of 4,100 m3., with possibility to expand.
– Dedicated pipeline for each tank to provide a contamination free procedure.
– Mechanical safety system with flexible pipelines for the interconnection of the supply line with each separate tank.
– Possibility upon request for heating.
– Dedicated port docking facilities next to the tank park.

– 1st warehouse section : 1,200 m2 covered horizontal warehouses
– 2nd warehouse section : 3,000 m2 covered horizontal warehouses
– 3rd warehouse section : 3,500 m2 covered horizontal warehouses



Container Yard:Picture7
area of 35,000 m2
paved and fenced
surrounding wire walls (height 3m)
– monitoring cameras and perimeter projectors
– 24h security service
– fire extinguishing system connected to generator (independent of the electricity grid)

8 forklifts (2.5mt up 8mt)

1 reach staker container handler

Various machinery and tools for handling of special cargoes

Trucking fleet:
17 trucks
55 truck trailers
50 tractors with trailers
Possibility to assign dedicated trucks and trailers to specific handling/transportation of products