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Distral Blending System

Blending of raw materials in powder

DISTRAL Blending System is able to provide a highly homogeneous result and accurate percentage of mixing of raw materials in powder.

Materials of different percentage of protein received in big bags, is fed into different storage silos. A solution of mixing raw materials received in bulk is also available through an interconnected pneumatic installation. The system is designed in such a way that renders impossible for the different materials to contaminate each other before entering the weighing point.

Through screw conveyors, materials are being transported into the scale and are weighed according to specific recipe. After being weighed,  materials are automatically dosed into the mixer, which is located directly underneath and the weighing scale continues with the next material. After the next material is weighed, it is automatically moved to the mixer, where blending takes place.

Once the blending procedure is finished, the blended material is dosed to a buffer bin, located underneath the mixer, and from this position  it is moved via screw conveyors to the weighing and packing station, before ending up for warehousing.

The whole process is fully automated and there is also the possibility to include more than two ingredients in DISTRAL Blending System. The blending procedure is a continuous mixing process with all three parts (scale, mixer, buffer) working autonomously and at the same time, thus increasing the efficiency of the procedure.

The capacity of DISTRAL Blending System is 6.0MT per hour, with possibility to expand.

DISTRAL Blending System is a closed system, leading to zero loss of material though the process. Highly sophisticated automation enables the accurate dosing and mixing of different materials, leading to a final product that fully meets the required specifications requested by  the end-users.


Blending of Oils

Possibility to provide upon demand, storage services for:
–           marine oil
–           vegetable oils
–           fats

Steel tanks, approved for storage of above products, and in accordance to E.U. and Greek legislation, and fully complying to applicable environmental regulations.
–        Storage capacity of 4,100 m3., with possibility to expand.
–        Possibility to provide mixing/blending services, according to customer-specific requirements.
–        Dedicated pipeline for each tank to provide a contamination free procedure.
–        Specially constructed pipeline network that prevents accidental mixing of the oils.
–        Mechanical safety system with flexible pipelines for the interconnection of the supply line with each separate tank.
–        Possibility upon demand for heating.
–        Integrated mixing system that provides homogenization through circulation of the liquids, provided by a sophisticated pump system.
–        Before and after mixing, possibility to load on truck, small tank or barrel.
–        Fully integrated automation for monitoring the filling and extraction procedure and supervision through SCADA.
–        Dedicated port docking facilities next to the tank park.
–        Newly upgraded automatic fire extinguishing system with expanding foam and water assures maximum safety of the installation.
–        Specially trained personnel for handling and operation.